short for: cool
U r so ql
by 157 October 30, 2003
QL = "cool", as in "IMBNQL" (I am being cool).
You are too cool. I want to be you! I see you are into Foreigner. I am too.
by Danny Dork July 31, 2006
Means "Culiado" in Latin American countries. It's like saying "Fucked" or "Raped" but is less offensive than the complete word.
Gamer 1: Hijo de puta ql
Gamer 2: Y vos aweonao ql
by Ramm.cL September 16, 2010
abbreviation for quietly laughing
That was so funny ql!
by mj4mayor June 14, 2009
Stands for Quit Life
Montu: Dude you suck

Snake: QL (quit life)
by Sexy___beast October 15, 2007

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