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the triangle dude
screw this sin, cos, tan crap... pythagoras what did you dooooo
by Doctor James Benson August 04, 2003
c. 582-c. 507 B.C.E. A Greek cosmologist who believed that numbers described the true nature of the universe. A very influential teacher, about whom many legend were written and later attatched to Jesus in the New Testament.
It is uncertain why the Pythagorean theorem is so named; it was neither Pythagoras nor his followers who discovered or even proved the rule, nor were they even particularly concerned with it in any way.
by ln(e) October 30, 2003
Sexual position where the woman is being penetrated sideways while the guy is on his knees and one of her legs ends up on the guy's shoulder; hence, a rough geometrical triangular shape is formed. Also know as the RC kick.

Note that this position is often use in BD sessions to hin the woman and at the same time establish that the guy is the man (hedeman). It is more pleasurable is done with a baldey.
Last night I pythagoras your sister
by Morris_X August 27, 2007

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