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short for Pezcore the first full compact disc released by the Ska Punk band Less Than Jake. Taken from hxc meaning hardcore and altered to become pezcore.
Holly: I've got all the Less Than Jake albums except the first
Me: Get Pezcore...or if you're a hardcore kid, call it pxc!
by SteelerMatt April 09, 2008
Mariah and I made up Global...
by Steffffiiieeee October 01, 2007
pxc short for poser core is a kid like a scene kid but follows from one trend to another examples one who likes main stream bands played on the radio
dang that kid is PxC
by Mroberts June 23, 2006
Pussycore, a genre made up by Ron in reference to Fair Oaks.
Hardcore, dude, more like pussycore.
by Patrick D May 27, 2004

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