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A person who becomes so good at games of all types that others stop playing games with them altogether.
"Wanna come over for some Goldeneye?"
"Sure..but not if you invite Jonathan...he's a total pwnstar."
by yanados October 04, 2006
A person who has reached the pinnacle of pwning.
Whoa, 10 headshots in a row! What a pwnStar!
That guy just aced the whole team...what a pwnStar!
by pwnStar October 06, 2005
A very talented player who makes it her mission to rape your face in L4D on Dead Center. A team of 1. When you are down by 1200 points in the 3rd round, you can only hope for one girl to join your game. And if you end up losing anyway, guess who's fault it is? Yours. You dumbasses. You can find her on the Steam Community under Pwn Star.
Someone kill Pwn Star!!!!
by pwnosaurus December 12, 2010
Dumb broad on the Steam community that likes to use and manipulate dudes because she thinks she's an all that queen. Riding around on her high horse this bitch likes to rage a lot and hold your team down. If seen, you should probably kick her, or face her either yelling at you or trying to seduce you with facts of her smuttiness. Probably has some sort of disease, so if tampered with make sure to wash your genitalia with sandpaper.
Dude my computer got a virus after yelling to Pwn Star for her shitty skills.
by L4D2Dude June 26, 2011
Porn Stars "Pwn Stars Rock the Socks"

I clan of very talented players who make it there mission to have a good time on CS , and as a bi-product are very cool, charismatic and sexy. Some people say they are mythical however #pwnstars on quaknet has revealed a cult flowing.
Yet again I get pwn'ed by a pwn star :)
Pwn Stars rock can I join your clan, / have your autograph.

Can I name my pet rabbit/cat/gold fish/house after you?
by Buffy April 25, 2005
Someone who is a "Celebrity" gamer.

Someone who is known only by how much they dominate a specific title or niche in video games.
Announcer: Who's the next person that wants to take a shot at Fatal1ty (Johnathan Wendel) at a game of Quake 3?

Man @ E3: Are you serious! He knows that game better than I know how to walk. That's suicide, he's a total pwnstar!
by Bl4xc0d3 August 27, 2009
A somewhat bad l4d player, mediocre at best. Likes to rage A LOT. Do not play with her, or your team will lose. She runs ahead of the team for the epic "lulz" and fails to help anyone on her team.
Oh hey look, its pwn star. She hasn't got any points in 5 infected respawns. Let's kick this scrub.
by Hellotherelol December 19, 2010
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