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One who pwns

The root word "pwn" is not to be confused with the owning as possession, pwn would refer to mastering something or someone beyond normal words.

see pwn and madpwnr
I am the ultimate pwnr.
by Wester97 March 30, 2004
A word given, mostly by geeks, instead of saying 'own' or 'owner'
Example 1:
Geek: "I'm so hardcore I pwn this game"

Example 2:
Geek: (After winning in a videogame battle) I am the pwnr of all of you
by xenosky January 21, 2013
pronounced "powner"
pwning and/or dominating so hardcore on halo that the player receives an erection.
Guy 1: wats ur problem?
Guy 2: Dude i just got a runnning riot and im trying to hide my pwnr!
by juancsego May 15, 2008
having sex voraciously
i pwnd melissa in the back of the truck 4 times.
by Murphy April 04, 2004
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