Top Definition
1. The way of pwning
2. To pwn someone in a 1337 way

Usually done with one's penor, but often times with a well-made Flash animation.

This religion was brought to us by our lord and savoir, Piconjo in the year 2004.

It requires the utmost perserverence in morality and a supreme sense of spirituality. In addition to that, you have to sux teh Piconjo's pen0r ROFLMAO LOLOLOLOL OMG LOL@j00

"Those who know pwnism will not say, those who do not know will say."
-Piconjo's 1337 Proverbs
liek lol I study teh pwnism and now my p3n0r is 1337!!!!!!111!1!1!
by Piconjo December 04, 2004
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