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The most interesting cases of internet celebrity/character/pop-icon/god (there is evidence that the character is in reality an actual being).

Wild, orange hair; lewd and offensive, speaks with bad 1337 accent; constant pwning of other artists; millions of online followers; a giant p3n0r which gives him his p3n0r p0w3r.

One of the reasons the internet entity is so captivating to the world is his mysterious backgrounds and motives combined with his surpassing genius to gain followers faster than Muhammed.
While the majority of the world let the communcation era make a surprising appearance, Piconjo was there in the clockworks of the primordial internet forming usergroups and bulletin board systems regarding entertainment and communications. Some early posts he made claimed several degrees of formal schooling (eg MA in Communications, BFA in Graphic Design, and AA in Computer Information Sciences) but it wasn't until he started an entertainment portal in the early days of the world wide web featuring animated movies created with Macromedia Flash that the world took notice.
Under mysterious conditions the unnamed Flash portal was shut down, seized by the US Federal government. Piconjo's apartment was broken into and several thousand dollars worth of computer equipment was stolen, and one filing cabinet was broken when the lock was attempted to be picked with a nail file. Most of the hardware was returned (without the HDD), but with no appologies. An underground hacking ring was thought to have been the reasons behind the raid.
Soon after the events Piconjo submitted some movies to an affiliated site by the name of newgrounds. Having made friends with a witty, young Flash author on ShockAnime's forums Piconjo agreed to teach how tweening was used in Flash using the provided Graphic Symbols. The author, now known as legenadryfrog, submitted the movie with his newgrounds account and got instant fame because it exploited all the popular Final Fantasy characters to a catchy song. He took credit for all the animation as well as the characters and song, none of which was his property. Some sources cite an explosive argument, others mention a quiet falling-out, but what clearly remains to this day is a saddened Piconjo who's very future of online entertainment was shattered.
Piconjo was then recruited to work on shading for Pixar's films around the time of The Incredibles. Source pictures of hidden "penors" have been found in the background shadows of the movie, a trademark signiture of Piconjo's.
Since 2004 Piconjo has made many crude movies depicting gratuitous acts of violence, sex, and quirky demeanor on Newgrounds, most of which is focused unprecariously on the likeness of legendaryfrog and anyone associated with him.

-The name
1) Most likely it is the name of the artist. Though a mostly unknown name, it means "A god by his virtue, a man by his example." A fitting description of the personality it describes.
2)A parody on Pico, another web character. Both characters have red/orange hair and Pico is a Chilean term for "penis" so it has some merit. Some conjecture Pico + pwns j00 = Piconjo.
3)A pseudonym that reveals the motives behind the artistic attacks, when said properly it sounds like "pick on joe." Joesephe is the name of legendaryfrog.

Every overrated online Flash artist has had the pleasure of being brought into Piconjo's incredibly outrageous world where he not only pushes the envelope, but shoves it into one's anal passage with his gigantic, throbbing penor. And the world loves it, or loves to hate it. A cunning tactic to build a name for himself.

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Piconjo <3s j00
Piconjo pwns j00
Piconjo > j00
Piconjo died 4 ur sons.
liek, 06M, Piconjo totally pwnt those toadies with his 1337 p3n0r p0wer. suxx0rz his p3n0r, k?
Piconjo is teh savior of teh pr0tal.
by Piconjo February 07, 2005
1. The way of pwning
2. To pwn someone in a 1337 way

Usually done with one's penor, but often times with a well-made Flash animation.

This religion was brought to us by our lord and savoir, Piconjo in the year 2004.

It requires the utmost perserverence in morality and a supreme sense of spirituality. In addition to that, you have to sux teh Piconjo's pen0r ROFLMAO LOLOLOLOL OMG LOL@j00

"Those who know pwnism will not say, those who do not know will say."
-Piconjo's 1337 Proverbs
liek lol I study teh pwnism and now my p3n0r is 1337!!!!!!111!1!1!
by Piconjo December 04, 2004
A loyal follower of Piconjo. Usually a scholar of pwnism.
Teh piconjers pwn teh toadies, rofl!
by Piconjo December 04, 2004

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