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A p3n0r is 1337-speak for penis.
Meh p3n0r pwns j00rs rofl.
by Snoogma February 17, 2005
1337 'elite' speak for penis, usually used as a dumbass response to a question they either don't completely understand, or don't know the answer to. It's used to make the person stop asking questions, by making them walk away from the dumbass.
Are you fucking stupid?
More of the same lame-ass "1337" online language, referring to the more common pen0r or penor, meaning "penis"

Anyone who might venture to use this terminology is an idiot, and should be dealt with by severe beatings or vivisection.
Idiot: "p3n0r!!!!1111oneoneonewonwonwon"
Sane person: "I will kill you now."
by pizzozo March 02, 2005
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