To dominate or be better than; to be superior to.

Originally a typo for "own".
I'm going to pwn you at Battleship.
#own #pwned #superior #dominate #better
by dibtio March 19, 2006
to "own" something. To be better at something than somebody. To win.
"I will pwn your noob butt at halo 3."
#own #owned #pwnd #ownage #pwnage #noob
by Sarah A November 06, 2007
Derives from own, while in meaning is Player Owned.
Dude! You just got Pwned!
#pwn #pwned #player #pwnage #own
by Rick9080 October 19, 2007
A cliche word that everyone uses because they don't like to say "schooled" anymore. Welcome to the 21st century ladies and gentlemen . . .
"Oh, little Franky is getting pwned right now."
"What's he playing?"
"No, he's in Algebra 101 currently. Sorry, welcome to the 21st century."
#ladies #gentlemen #schooled #cliche #21st century
by Man with the Iron Face September 03, 2007
Adj; To dominate someone or something in every form or way possible.
Tommy pwns Civilization 3.
#own #pwn #trone #pwnt #ownt
by T. H. June 06, 2007

To dominate the n00bs with 1337 skills

(further humiliation optional)

omfg I totaly pwn u n00b with my 1337 skillz
#pwn #n00b #1337 #omfg #pwnage #domination
by Unholydebt February 14, 2007
This originated from people misspelling "own." Own is a verb. It is used in online video games. Usually in FPS or RTS games when someone is killed or beaten in a game by another person in the game. If you tell someone you just killed, "You just got pwned!" Then they will take it very offensively. It was made popular when an employee from "" made an error while he was making a map, and he spelled "own" as "pwn", and that is when people started pronouncing it incorrectly as "pone."
"There is no one that Ferratto can not pwn in an FPS video game."
#pwnage #own #fps #rts #mmo
by Brian Ferratto April 11, 2006
The word pwn originally comes from the infamous Alexander Alekhine ( who was one of the great Grandmasters of Chess. His dominating openings of using his pawns was to control the crucial center spaces of the board. During his matches, Alekhine was known to drink heavily and spout anti-semetic remarks. In a match in 1935 against a Dutch master named Euwe his drinking had gotten the better of him. Before starting the match he said to Euwe in a very broken heavily accented russian voice "I will pawn to your knight" (a common variation of his defense was to box his opponents knights using 2 pawns and his white bishop) which ended up sounding like "Evil pwn you tonight". Unfortunatly for Alehkine he gave away his gameplan which Euwe was able to take advantage of. Alehkine lost the match.
The word pwn has resurfaced from time to time in the chess community. It looks like it has finally found it's place in history along with it's founder Alehkine.
Evil pwn you tonight
#pawn #alehkine #chess #gaming #own
by GunnCat February 08, 2006
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