A word, originating from a mispelled version of the word "own", used to describe a dominance of one person over another, usually in a video game.
"Killing Spree!!"
by Graeme Howe March 30, 2005
The word you use when you dominate someone.
Modern Warfare 2: for PS3
Halofan789 Snipes Jacob12345970 Online.
Halofan789: Lawl, you got fucking pwned.
Jacob12345970: What is a pwned?
Halofan789: *Facepalm*
#pwn #own #hax #dr #addmeonpsnhalofan789
by Halofan789 January 31, 2010
The act of unverbal consideration of a subject of disaffected control, i.e. the quasmic qualities of nuclear hygerophysical substances.
Hi, I wear popped collars, skateboard (but I think I'm cool because I say "skate"), pretend I smoke a lot of weed, and obsessively create YouTube videos of everyone in my life doing stupid shit no one else thinks is funny.

Ohhhhh you got pwned so badlyyyyyyy! lolz
#nerdspeak #loser #skateboard #bro #shit
by Pseudoshithead January 04, 2010
Good looking women / girls. Often in a group. Generally look "up for it"
Check out the pwn b'there boys.
#sexy #slag #milf #looker #fine
by physicsisgay May 12, 2009
Personal Wireless Network. Fun to hack into.
Hacker 1: Dude wanna hop in my white van and pwn his PWN?
Hacker 2: Ya dude les do it.
#own #network #hack #hacker #wireless
by caval14 March 27, 2009
using this word will designate you as a virgin for life
"Dude, I pwned that guy!!!"
"Yeah, and you 'pwned' your chances for ever getting laid."
#pwn #pwnd #virgin #loser #fag #douchebag #numbfuck #chronic masturbation
by AzureKnight January 26, 2008
a tern used by people who play internet games like halo.
They type so fast that they write "pwn" instead of "own", yet they still have time to write "i pwned u!!!1111one!!11
which franky looks shite.
PWN is gay learn how to type properly you fucktards.
#jake #is #a #cuntflap #sometimes
by mcfly r shit December 26, 2006
A taboo term for getting your ass served to you on a silver platter with french fried potato's.
Me: I pwn you!
Victim: :(
#p3wn #pown #p0wn #p0n3 #p0ne
by Taz Anguiano February 22, 2007
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