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Pubic Hair. esp Used to refer to lack thereof in derogatory sense
"Ga'an no pwebs", "You have no pwebs", "I like your pwebs"
by Skiddy September 14, 2003
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Acronym, stands for Post Work Eating Binge. A PWEB is the act of stuffing ones face with food immediately on returning from work. Usually this consists of left over pizza, curry or other last nights takeaway. If last night didn't involve takeaway, the foodstuffs can be toast, slabs of cheese, ham, or other tasty morsels found in the fridge and requiring no preparation.
I was so hungry when I got home, I just couldn't help but have a massive PWEB.

No dinner for me thanks, I had a PWEB earlier.
by ByThePowerOfGrayskull May 17, 2010
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female english person who is unreliable,a thief,very ugly,fat,drug abusing, butch dyke and quite often completely mental
sam went home with a real pweb last night and they stole his/her wallet
by seatime February 06, 2010
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Pweb is a name of a made up animal with green soggy skin and bipedal structure and an overall "froggy" look. A response to the word is often that the other person grabs his/hers cheeks, stretches them out and starts doing shortly interrupted churchling sounds.
Pwebs have been invented in UK during an English lesson as a part of a social debate concerning gypsy community.
Pweb is teh pwab is teh plime to the twab.
by Mish February 15, 2004
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