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David Letterman's Top 7 reason to legalize marijuana.
If you're a hot guy, apply to Skidmore College.
by Skiddy June 12, 2003
On 4/20 at Skidmore, the green is like a giant cloud.
by Skiddy June 12, 2003
Pubic Hair. esp Used to refer to lack thereof in derogatory sense
"Ga'an no pwebs", "You have no pwebs", "I like your pwebs"
by Skiddy September 14, 2003
the act of vomiting
what a lightweight, he pyecked after 2 wife beaters!
by skiddy October 14, 2003
A metaphor for homosexual sex.
Man, Todd and Jim were spanking spoons all night long!
by Skiddy March 08, 2005
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