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Verb. (It sounds like it looks, idiot.) The act of inserting the penis into the vagina (putting it into the hole). Putt putting with a hole in one implies you went all the way and it was great. Putt putting with a birdie implies you went all the way, and it was good. Putt putting with a par implies you went all the way but it kinda sucked. Putt putting with a bogey implies you didn't go all the way, and you're a loser. "Fore!" is shouted when you climax.
"Dude, that girl last night was SO over par."
"I totally scored a hole in one last night."
"I went putt putting last night, but totally bogeyed."
"Last night was a 'Fore!' kind of night."
by playaaaaas September 28, 2011
Term used in place of miniature golf. Mostly in north-eastern ohio.
Lets go play Putt Putt!
by ma STRANGE lo March 28, 2004
generally refers to a subcompact car, often featuring a hatchback and bought at a low price. similar to a beater car, a hoopty, a bucket, etc but probably in a more endearing way.
"I got this little putt putt for $300 from a friend"

examples of a putt putt include: classic volkswagen beetle, geo metro, mini cooper, honda crx, amc gremlin, chevy aveo, chevy vega, ford pinto, chevy chevette.
by El Valle June 30, 2009
when taking a major shit. bigger than a normal shit.

"today i took a huge puttputt, it cleared out the bathroom."
by allisonbecca January 22, 2006
A sexual act during which the female twirls her legs in a windmill-like motion in order to provide the male with the challenge of reaching her vag, similar to the windmill at a putt-putt course.
Hey babe, wanna play some putt putt tonight? I'm feeling coy, and I want to see if you can get a hole in one.
by Dr. Twatson October 09, 2010
A person that demonstrates a lack of quality work the relative word naming a slacker or a person that has work poor performance................
here we go, Putt Putt sam is working today.
by come on July 02, 2008
another word for the female anatomy. a.k.a. a vagina
stephanie's putt-putt is really loose
by morgan judith September 19, 2006