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Term used in place of miniature golf. Mostly in north-eastern ohio.
Lets go play Putt Putt!
by ma STRANGE lo March 28, 2004
generally refers to a subcompact car, often featuring a hatchback and bought at a low price. similar to a beater car, a hoopty, a bucket, etc but probably in a more endearing way.
"I got this little putt putt for $300 from a friend"

examples of a putt putt include: classic volkswagen beetle, geo metro, mini cooper, honda crx, amc gremlin, chevy aveo, chevy vega, ford pinto, chevy chevette.
by El Valle June 30, 2009
Verb. (It sounds like it looks, idiot.) The act of inserting the penis into the vagina (putting it into the hole). Putt putting with a hole in one implies you went all the way and it was great. Putt putting with a birdie implies you went all the way, and it was good. Putt putting with a par implies you went all the way but it kinda sucked. Putt putting with a bogey implies you didn't go all the way, and you're a loser. "Fore!" is shouted when you climax.
"Dude, that girl last night was SO over par."
"I totally scored a hole in one last night."
"I went putt putting last night, but totally bogeyed."
"Last night was a 'Fore!' kind of night."
by playaaaaas September 28, 2011
when taking a major shit. bigger than a normal shit.

"today i took a huge puttputt, it cleared out the bathroom."
by allisonbecca January 22, 2006
A sexual act during which the female twirls her legs in a windmill-like motion in order to provide the male with the challenge of reaching her vag, similar to the windmill at a putt-putt course.
Hey babe, wanna play some putt putt tonight? I'm feeling coy, and I want to see if you can get a hole in one.
by Dr. Twatson October 09, 2010
another word for the female anatomy. a.k.a. a vagina
stephanie's putt-putt is really loose
by morgan judith September 19, 2006
A person that demonstrates a lack of quality work the relative word naming a slacker or a person that has work poor performance................
here we go, Putt Putt sam is working today.
by come on July 02, 2008
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