basically a slut puta is how u say slut in spanish i dunno why stupid ppl confuse this for a bitch.
me:you puta u slept with my man
Girl:im not a bitch
Me:stupid ppl are ruining this country its a slut by da way.
by sexylatina14 November 28, 2005
1) Prostitute
2) Asshole
"How you like me now, puto" -- Cypress Hill
by AC February 02, 2004
Origin: Ghettos (pure origin from Jewish word meaning neighborhood). Meaning: References placement such as letting go.
(Exclaim for best effect) Puta gun down!
by Ricardo M. August 10, 2006
a bitch its just in spanish
look at that fucking puta with all those guys
by P.D May 13, 2005
bitch in tagalog(flip language)
by flip July 12, 2003
In hebrew, it means thre femail sex organ, and the meaning remains the same, regardless of what she decides to with it.
In English: "Hey, these pants are really tight, it hurts my puta! Aoch!"

How it sound like in Hebrew: "Hey, hamichmnasayim haele mamash tsmudim, ze lohets lee al haputa! Aoch!".

just so that we're clear here: If you only wear skirts, you can still use this word.
by Rosenthal January 15, 2005
Bitch, Punk, an asshole
ay callate puta
shut up bitch
by La Rósa Boriqua April 22, 2003
Is a song from the best punk band in Guatemala, Los Hijos De Se Madre. PxUxTxAx, is a full violence punk song. PUTA (in spanish) sometimes is used as an expression of anger, and that's the way is use in this song..
when you are mad at someone or something, or something bad happens, we say: "LA GRAN PUTA".. In english could be as "fuck" in the way of an expression of anger or when someting bad happens.
by ge April 19, 2004

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