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A mustache that is saturated with vaginal secretions. It is often left in the mustache for several days so one may inhale the fragrance of their partner.
When Gary came out of the poonranatangwhores bedroom he sported a fresh pustache.
by Bobby Lane February 13, 2008
Similar to the Bacon Strip only horizontally located.
I think she puts wax in that pustache.
by George Davis September 06, 2007
A mustache mouth that resembles a pussy.
Yuck, go shave that nasty looking pustache off you're face before someone sticks their dick in it.
by gut fucker June 03, 2009
Oddly trimmed pubic hair above the woman's pussy, that is horizontal rather than vertical. Acts as a border into the fun zone.
"I had to trim my pustache today"
by Rapierre July 26, 2014
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