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"Pussyo" is a term coined by the gang culture in the major parts of urban london. pussyo refers to an individual who lacks physical and mental strength, and who may or may not stand up for themselves, being generally intimidated or scared of others.
"yo blud, yur a f**kin pussyo"
"nahh man"
"yeh boi, yur a pussyo, an ima cut you up!"

this proceeds in the beating or attacking of the "pussyo"
by Charlie boi November 03, 2007
92 24
A expression used by chavs or gangsta stating that someone is scared or nervous.
'Yo, wont you try jumpin off dis cliff'
'Na way blud'
'Oh your pussyo
by Josh Billabong February 04, 2008
61 25
The singular of Pussyos - The Nations Favourite Cereal.
"Looks Like Pussy, Tastes Like It Too, But It's A Breakfast Cereal!"

"I Loves Me Some Pussyos."
by GenericPseudonym10532 April 06, 2009
29 15