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The personality of the current pussy you are engaged in. This can either make or break the scallywag that it is attached to. A fine slut with a bad pussynality isnt so fine anymore. A mediocre slut with a good pussynality can be much more appealing and even enjoyable if she does not open her mouth.
Damn..see that bitch Miles, she is ugly as fuck but her pussynality makes up for it for sure. Tight as fuck and smells like fuckin rainbows. Shit is bomb.
by Purple Drank Dranker October 29, 2005
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When someone pretends to like you for your personality but in reality they just want you for your goodie bits aka p*ssy.
I really like your pussynality *pretends to mumble personality*, wanna come into my hotel room?
by lovedove777 December 13, 2015
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The personality of a vagina.
ie. Whistling, Squirting, Fine, etc.
"Bruh Her Pussynality was perfect!"
by MRWHITEVAN June 01, 2015
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