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The act of implanting one's entire head, including the face and ears, into the vagina of a female for sexual pleasure. Success will come more often with the use of a bald or closely-shaven head, a very loose vagina (porn stars or prostitutes recommended, although an extra charge may be applied), and ample amounts of lube to ease the entry (can be found at a local grocery store).
Alex: "One time my friend was so bored trying to pull an all-nighter while waiting for the new call of duty map pack to come out that he watched four hours of porn and stumbled across some weird shit where this guy was wearing a pussy hat."
Brandon: "Did he finish to it?"
Alex: "I don't know for sure, but I think he did. And the guy was bald too!"
by jacksonpbryant July 03, 2014
The placement of the labia on someones head or face. The equivalent of a female "tea-bag."
Did you hear that Taylor gave Matt a pussyhat last night?
by jenkneesmith January 31, 2011
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