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coincidental to drowning , the torturous effects of waterboarding are at the very least agitated a bit when you find yourself, (more accurately) your face, buried in a woman's vagine and cannot breath. Caused when a woman sits on a mans face. The suffocation causes almost instant confusion and panic. The terror stricken victim stuck and with no way to let the woman know often result to body thrashing and absorbing of vagine liquid.

This post had the expressed written consent of terminal lance B.Greer of Texas.
by aaron6969 November 07, 2010
The process of converting a homosexual to a hetero-sexual through enhanced interrogation.

As heard on The Adam Carolla Show - 7/2/12 (38:08 min into show)
"I have a way of turning him around, it's called pussyboarding. Its an enhanced interrogation technique, it's not torture."
by UppityDave July 08, 2012
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