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pussification(noun): the state in which a society becomes less and less tough. This noun's originator is the famous comedian George Carlin.
"We are undergoing a pussification of our entire society."
by Nathan June 23, 2003
398 43
Taken from a George Carlin bit, referring to the reversal of roles and attitudes specifically of the American male due to being overly "politically correct."
Using soft language and avoiding confrontation and critisizm has resulted in the complete pussification of the american youth, as manifested by "emo", and "cyberbullying"
by blatantly honest December 17, 2009
75 8
The state of mind that a man undergoes when he has lost any control that he ever had in a relationship with a woman. The point in a relationship where a man becomes his mates personal bitch. Once pussification takes over the man will spend every waking minute thinking of ways to please his mate.
"Hey Mike, wanna grab a beer after work?"
"Thanks guys, but I can't, I have to hurry home to give the cat a bath so that I'll have time to watch Seventh Heaven with the princess"
"Holy Shit!! Mike!! You've got pussification. We need to get alcohol in you right away"
by Captain Cock February 17, 2004
121 66
To become a pussy, wus, coward, whimp etc.
We are witnesses to the mass pussification of males as a result of the fload of female hormones in our water from the consumer use of the birth control pill.

Draft Dogers? That's pussification straight up!
by neuro September 19, 2004
63 48
To pussificate (verb) is the act of overwhelming a situation with as much softness, moistness, cowardly behaviour, lack of leadership, and lack of all that society has sculpt of what it means to be manly.
Wayne: Yo, what did you get up to on Valentine's Day homie?

Drake: OMG, you won't believe this, I took out all of my boys from the compound for a nice candlelit lunch & got everyone a card, here's yours with your name on it..

Wayne: GTFO with all that pussification!
by mr_ryt_now February 15, 2014
0 1
death by suffocation from the pussy
poor john suffered pussification , may he R.I.P.
by dirty talk July 01, 2013
4 5
A form of purification in which the target is rendered completely covered in salmon.
Kyle: "What is that God-awful stench?"
Nick: "It must be Sal."
Kyle: "Are you sure? Because it smells like Emma."
Nick: "'s Sal. He just underwent Pussification."
by DeerBattler April 18, 2010
6 34