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term for a sexy woman wearing some sort of boots(preferably knee high leather high heel boots)
Hey man,check out puss n boots walking this way. I'd fuck the shit outta her!
by beezelfeet December 10, 2008
A specific outfit worn by strippers to the mass acclaim of white trash and Williams Brothers worldwide. More specifically, tight 80's levis jeans with big socks and pointy toe shoes. Drawing its derivation from failed Bon Jovi and Poison groupies, the 'puss-n-boots' look is often found in the "striver" class. There is also high correlation bewtweeen the P-N-Bs and ownership of a) mustang 3.0L b) 1 bedroom apartment in Waterbury and c) aqua net.
Go to any stripclub after it closes and notice the somewhat dated yet slutty style of its "dancers"; if you see tight jeans and pointy sock-shoes, you have puss-n-boots.
by Nappy Otis October 09, 2007
Parker is a goddamn puss n boots. (is that emough words u fuckin urban dictionary cockmasters)
parker is a puss n boooots.
by Wegrodamus April 13, 2005
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