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A person that finds it increasingly difficult to get up in the morning.
Come on you puska, get up and do your homework before you run out of time.
by Marco Bresciani September 29, 2007
Often, the term puskas conicides with the annual migration of beluga whales from the frigid north to the southern seas. This is, of course, because puskas is rightfully assoiciated with the beasts both in size and eating habbits.
That Puskas ate a whole crew!
by Jesus May 12, 2004
1.) A condition often associated with promiscious sex, Puskas often appears overweight, groteseque and gorilla like

2.) a hairy ape who can not give directions but is highly skilled at grading hw...
damm, i got puskas, im scurred and screwed
by maximus May 10, 2004
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