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A fun, all-around good guy. Usually dates really awesome girls. Loves sports, very athletic! He is a very, very popular guy around school. Zino always finds a way to make things alright. Always wants to make sure his girl is happy. He is a little cutie ! He has an outgoing personality, thats girls find adorable. If you dont know a Zino, you definitly should. Hes one of the coolest guys you will ever meet.
Zino has a hott girlfriend!
by eattpooppp. (: March 18, 2011
the greatest girl in the world
her name is zino she must be amazing
by SexynessZ March 24, 2011
A very annoying heavy-set kid. One who is overweight yet thinks he is attractive to women. He often wears clothing advertising a sports team he was on claiming his crucial involvement with the team, yet he never stepped foot on the field. Women really find him disgusting and repulsive nevermind the fact that his personality awful. He is arrogant and likes to get in your face to impress people. of a group he will antagonize the weakest person to make himself look more powerful. When confronted he will back down, run, or become desperate and attempt to fight. If he should fight, he always gets his ass beat. Usually in a single punch. The fight is shortly followed by his attempting to file police charges in which the police will laugh at him since he throws the first punch. Basically he is a douche who everyone hates with a passion.

The true determinating factor when it comes to a Zino is whether or not his mother often hosts tupperware parties.
Stranger A. "You Zino"
Stranger B. "You wanna go?? ill drop your ass"
Stranger A. "Hahahah bring it bitch"
Stranger B. "Nuh..Noooo, another time, i have to get my mommy more tupperware before the store closes"
Stranger A. "The store is open for the next six hours....."
by Makarov63 April 04, 2011
a very long think dick
that guy looks like a zino
by shawty<3<3 November 03, 2009

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