One who loves the cock in his anus all day.
Oh pusher man, your hole is so tight!
by Everyone on Graal November 30, 2006
Top Definition
A man or woman involved in sale of illegal narcotics. What differentiates a 'pusherman' from a 'drug dealer' is that the 'pusherman' in notorious for loose morals, poor quality intoxicants and/or unfair prices.
Usually the pusherman is a last resort in the search of prohibited substances.

Fou further information download:

'Pusherman' by Curtis Mayfield.
Want some coke? Have some weed. I'm the Pusherman.
by Atticus Von Pompernickle May 05, 2005
An urban drug dealer
Your local crackhead.
by Bobby January 29, 2005
n. man one has to pay for dank at not mentally stable prices, but due to a lack of options are forced to buy as is
"God Damn the pusher man."
by Ghandi September 24, 2002
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