Top Definition
1. A kart that you push

2. Somebody else's car that you overheard about in a conversation

3. Your own car as insulted by your neighbour

4. You, you fucking push-kart

1. "Hey that kid has a small kart and he is pushing it, but what, oh what do you call that kart?"

"It is called a push-kart my dear sir."

"Thank you Mabel, for now I am more educated than ever."

"Shut up."

2. "Hey that guy's ..... his car......yeah a is.. yeah..."

3. "Your car is a push-kart you fucking divv!!!"

"What the fuck do you mean you little shit?"

"Go on urbandictionary you twat and figure out for your-fucking-self!"

4. "That's right, you heard me you push-kart"
by fox JK August 22, 2006
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