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Middle-management buzzword for saying "no".
There was some push back from the client regarding the new creative. We'll have to re-do it.
by bkdouble October 05, 2006
While having rear-entry (doggy-style) sex, an excited female partner can often be prone to thrust backwards into her male partner, which is called "the pushback".
That girl was so into it, she gave me some wicked pushback!
by Discofunk March 29, 2005
A rhetorical reponse to a political argument about which one disagrees. This term is frequently used by people who host talk radio programs, but almost never by actual, everyday people.
"It's a fair guess that this editorial is part of an organized public affairs pushback, one we know is underway by UVa's third party pressure group colleagues."- Christopher Horner
by PBSPinchback June 01, 2011
The industry lingo for the action of pushing a commercial jet back from its gate. Among crew members and others working directly at the gates the term can be shortened to simply "push".
long form:
"Ground Control, United 1482 is ready for push back and taxi."
"Hurry up...RUN.....crap, look, they've already pushed back"

short form:
"Ok everyone we need your tush in a cush so we can 'push' and get this Boeing going!"
by DigitalWizard February 23, 2007
A Tall Dark creepy Mexican with slick-back hair that likes to look at porn May be A possible Pedophile in the future.
You checked out that little girl your such a pushback
by Jeeper the creeper December 05, 2009
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