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a female organ in the body in the lower region
My mom has a pusay and she like to use it on men
by Alex January 04, 2005
pu-say originated from pussy which came as a slang word for vagina,)
which is what i got from your mom last nite, pu-say, ( your mom has a tight pussy
by juggalo March 17, 2005
Pu-Say or Pussy, is a word you scream at your friends over and over when they are being a coward or if you just want to bug the hell outa them.
person: yeah, ive gota go do my chores
you: Pu-Say
person: yeah...
you: Pu-Say
person: so im gonna go now
you: Pu-Say!
by Mofficer the Officer July 21, 2004