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a fat bastard, someone who resembles a big pile of guts all swollen and vomit inspiring to view them
wow, that cathy johnson sure is a big fat fucking pus gut bitch.
by jesus June 18, 2004
The abdominal frontal protuberance characteristic of excessive drinkers of beer and food gorging.
pusgut beaj is known to be a non working slob that rarely leaves the house. His fridge door slams open and closed like a screen door in a March wind. He is morbidly obese with a typical pusgut.
by Rick Carsten August 09, 2007
This one goes way back, probably to New England Yankees. It actually means someone with an inflated opinion of himself who lets the world know about it--a windbag. It also has an undertone of meaning someone who's basically an unworthy lazy slug. Not a pretty picture!
Thanks for the words of wisdom, Senator Pus Gut.
by toonboo October 26, 2011
Someone who has suffered appendicitis, especially a ruptured appendix, thus filling their gut with pus.
"They took out 80cc's from that pus gut's appendix!"
by Doug Lundquist December 02, 2006
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