One who thinks (s)he is cool but in reality is not; ranks above poons and unterpoons
George W. Bush is a purple cobra
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
Top Definition
Penis with a large, swollen, purple head due to being constrained in a bondage device. The head (glans penis) turns purple and swells from lack of circulation. While it doesn't flatten like a cobra's hood, the head does swell so it becomes larger similar to a cobra's hood.
He put the cock ring on too tight and now he's got a purple cobra.
by Bucko McCane April 29, 2006
a group of friends and brothers, that optimize the epitome of being cool, pull mad bitches (mad in the sense of hot and a lot), are just all-around chillers/blazers, and have their home lair always labeled "The Pit"
The gang of purple cobras currently attending USC
by purplecobra4life November 18, 2009
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