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7 definitions by Kingmaker

One who has mad skills with the opposite sex, ranks below chiefs and is on par with barbarians
The ladies love Usher, thus he is a foxx
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
27 17
Someone who will never ever, under any circumstances, get laid. If they attempt to hire a prostitute, they will get slapped by said prostitutes. Is among the lamest people on the planet
Wow that guy is an complete unterpoon, I feel bad for him
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
13 14
A cool person, ranks below chiefs, barbarians, and foxxes.
Oh my god, that guy is such a savage
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
4 5
One who is cool enough to be a chief, but not quite old enough
Conan is not a barbarian, Sierra Van Winkle is.
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
3 10
One who exudes hardcoreness from their very pores; among the coolest people in the world
Ludacris, Darth Vader, Tom Brady, and Chuck Norris are all chiefs
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
7 18
Someone so lame that they will never get laid in their life, unless they somehow scrape together enough money to hire a ho. Ranks above an unterpoon
Oh my god, look at that guy over there with the triple thick glasses and pants at his belly button. What a poon.
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
3 20
One who thinks (s)he is cool but in reality is not; ranks above poons and unterpoons
George W. Bush is a purple cobra
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
14 51