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One who has mad skills with the opposite sex, ranks below chiefs and is on par with barbarians
The ladies love Usher, thus he is a foxx
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
A cool person, ranks below chiefs, barbarians, and foxxes.
Oh my god, that guy is such a savage
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
Someone who will never ever, under any circumstances, get laid. If they attempt to hire a prostitute, they will get slapped by said prostitutes. Is among the lamest people on the planet
Wow that guy is an complete unterpoon, I feel bad for him
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
One who is cool enough to be a chief, but not quite old enough
Conan is not a barbarian, Sierra Van Winkle is.
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
One who exudes hardcoreness from their very pores; among the coolest people in the world
Ludacris, Darth Vader, Tom Brady, and Chuck Norris are all chiefs
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
Someone so lame that they will never get laid in their life, unless they somehow scrape together enough money to hire a ho. Ranks above an unterpoon
Oh my god, look at that guy over there with the triple thick glasses and pants at his belly button. What a poon.
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006
One who thinks (s)he is cool but in reality is not; ranks above poons and unterpoons
George W. Bush is a purple cobra
by Kingmaker May 07, 2006

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