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Purple Drank, This Is What Causes Slured Words, Down South We Know It Best, Whether You Got That Fat Ass Blunt Laced With That Purple Lean AKA Liquid Codeine, Or You Just Po'n It Up, You Bound To Feel Better, Prescription Purple Got You Feelin The Best Of The Best Down South Reppin 580 Got That C Across My Chest.
You See That Playa Sippin On That Purple Drank? You Know Hes Feelin The Feed Of That Liquid Codeine
by ~Hpnotiq~ June 27, 2005
Purple Drank is an illegal recreational drink popular in the Southern United States rap community, whose main ingredients originally consisted of prescription strength cough syrup, containing codeine and promethazine, and either a carbonated soft drink (generally Sprite) or fruit juice.
Candinehsia was sippin on some purple drank.
by imabeast6463 August 13, 2010
Arizona Grapeade is the drink that not only satisfys, but is quenches your thirst at the same time. Its not an enegy drink, but rather lemonade and grape. Other popular kinds are arnold palmer, and the tea ones but i dont like tea. They are still good, not dissin.

A good way to enjoy the Grapeade drink may include;

1. Smoking a blunt.
2. Taking a shit.
3. Driving to work.
4. Having sex.
5. Playing Call of Duty.

6. Rock climbing.
Austin: Ayyyeee dude i got this blunt right here, but i know we finna get cottonchops up the ying! what we gon' do, SHIT?!

-Dude: Dont worry about it, i got me some purple drank nigga, its all good in the hood.
-Jeff: I like lemonade, but i like grape juice as well.. why does this gotta be so damn complicated!

Clerk: If you look down on the bottom there you'll see the Arizona Grapeade that it is a combination of the two. It's pretty good sir, I'd reccomend it.
Jeff: (after he buys it) Thanks man this is just so delightful and tastefull!!
by hippieskinhead March 11, 2011
Any form of generic drink.
Be right back gotta go to the store to get some purple drank.
by <insert clever name here!> February 12, 2013
A Kampin' drink made with cheap ass grape soda, Jack Daniels, and one packet of Emergen-C.
I am tired from kampin', so I better have a Purple Drank as it has got vitamins-n-shiz.
by kampinmofo August 20, 2009
Commonly known as a "Ghetto Juice." A simple combination of sugar, water, and purple dye. Commonly mistaken as Grape Soda. Also can be found in a small barrell plastic container or in gallon form.
"Yo its real hot and im thirsty but i only have a quarter." "Yo well lets go get some Purple Drank."
by GggGggGggGggGggGggGggGg G UNIT September 13, 2009
and of course
"What the fuck is juice nigga!? I need that Purple Drank!"
by Chris Duble March 14, 2007