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Short for Dick Runner. An individual who runs from one dick to another overnight. A male prosititute of sorts. Usually wears emo ear rings that look like horns, and often grabbes at testicals. These types of people can never be trusted, because of the large amount of STDs they carry. They prefer young men to little boys. Very little is known about them. Often they perform Tai Kwon Doe to increase there little boy touching stanima.
"Hey look at that DR over there trying to pick up that little boy@ Lets call the cops"

"Whos hand just grabbed my crotch? God damnit, another fucking DR. Now I gotta see the doctor to make sure I dont have AIDS"
by PicklishBastard May 25, 2006
That drank that such notorious rappers such as mike jones, slim thug, Smokedham, and 36 mafia and all those Gz from H-Town drink (Houston.)

Ingrediants are:

4 oz. cough syrup w/codeine
4 oz. rum, vodka, any hard alcohol
1 jolly rancher
purple drank purple drank all us H-town playaz do is sip that purple drank
by PicklishBastard November 14, 2005

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