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The definition of PURDIE is "Pretty"
Wow, she's Purdie!
by wageorge December 07, 2009
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person who always goes mad when u take pictures of him
me "say cheese"
purdie "i keel you!!"
by fred January 11, 2004
Irish slang word meaning potato.

spud potato food stew chips
"I'll need to buy some purdies for dinner tonight"
by irishgoat January 17, 2009
A very sweet, pretty, bubbly, charming, innocent, great friend and gorgeous girl
'awww, she is such a Purdie!'
by P.Diddy.yo May 02, 2010
May be Ginger but is allowed to since he has a COOL car!!!!
Hail Purdie and his well smart Clio!!
by Steph and B! February 26, 2004
A skinny ginger hairy boy who feels that all the worlds problems can be solved by "big sticks"!!!
how can we keep the rain off our bbq, "i know, lets use some big sticks"
by big sticks November 28, 2003
Ginger haired skinny malink who is embarrased about the size of his manhood
"Man thats smaall! total purdie!"
by Robert Purdie November 26, 2003

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