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1. best known food from El Salvador
2. Salvadorean slang for pussy, vagina, chocha
1. I love me some pupusas.
2. I love me some pupusas.
by josueezie August 16, 2003
The plural form of pupusa. Pupusas originate from El Salvador and is this country's typical dish. The pupusa is a popular El Salvadoran dish made of a thick, corn tortilla filled with anything from meats to cheeses to refried beans to pork rinds. DELICIOUS!
Can I have some delicious Salvadoran pupusas with horchata please?
by STOP HATING. October 13, 2010
Pupusa del nahualt Puput-za que significa tortilla rellena
by A. Perez September 03, 2003
a tortilla look a like from El Salvador made out of maseca eaten with tomato salsa and cortido. Made with cheese, chicaron, revueltas, etc.
Reina made pupusas for lunch today.
Pupusas son deliciosas
by QueenOJokers November 01, 2009
A thick hand made tortilla, or a thick, tasty, hairy spanish pussy...
I was hungry and I ate her Pupusa!!!
by I Run NY November 30, 2007
A traditional Salvadoran dish made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla that is usually filled with meat, beans, & cheese.
Mamí: "Mija, what you want for dinner tonight?"

Child: Mamí, can you make pupusas again tonight?"
by King_kaymoni May 13, 2014
A vagina
"aye yo other mexican i aten your mothers pupusa last night"
by Fartsackzzz February 16, 2015
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