Cute love between two people, usually not too serious. It is called puppy love because it is like the love you would show to your puppy, cute and sloppy.
"Casey and Ali are such a cute couple! It's like puppy love for those two, how they're always flirting and hugging!"
by AllisonWallison May 15, 2007
a type of love in which ppl think they are in love... they're not...
(having sex)...

girl- I love you!
boy- i love you more!

two weeks later
(to friends)

girl-he really broke my heart...
boy- she was just stupid...

girl- i like someone else now...
boy- check out that hottie...

(that was an example of puppy love lol)
by ashbug199616093384 June 20, 2009
A serious and deadly psychological disorder. When an unfortunate person is inflicted with "puppy love", their brain will quickly deteriorate. With what brain cells they have left, they focus on a particular person, whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend or just a crush, and forget about anyone else. It is a leading cause of broken friendships and heartbreak.

"Puppy love" can be easily spotted. Common symptoms include, but are not limited to:

-Total and complete obsession with the object of this "puppy love"
-Sudden disinterest in friends, family, and hobbies
-When the inflicted uses words such as "it's love!" and "going to get married" and "live happily ever after"
-Relationships that move through the different levels at an alarmingly fast rate

"Puppy love", having been completely ignored by psychologists around the globe, has reached the state of an epidemic. No one is safe from it, and once a person has been contaminated, there is no hope. The only thing that can be done is to sit down and wait for it to take it's course. Very few survivors of this disorder are ever the way they used to be.
Your best friend: ____ asked me out! 8D
You: Awh! That's great! :)

<two days later>

Your best friend: ___ said I'm the most beautiful girl in teh world! And that he loves me! And that one day he's going to marry me! Isn't that amazing? 8D
You: Uh....yeah. Sure. o_O
You: *walk away from your friend who is suffering form a terrible case of puppy love*
by alittlebluebird October 05, 2009
To love a puppy. Also known as bestiality. Illegal.
Person 1: Heyyyyy Fido
Dog: Woof woof
*it's time for puppy love*
by ShdSlyr21 October 19, 2010
Love for the sake of loving.
Person A: Oh my gosh I love her!
Person B: Are you sure you don't love her just because you love loving?
Person A: ............
Person B: Thought so.
Person A: But.. I love her...
Person B: no you don't. It's called puppy love.
by Joshbray1992 December 31, 2008
some people may consider puppy love as just a crush, but it is real love
puppy love is the most innocent and purest love there is
puppy love is pure love usually between young people
by whatareyoulookingatttttt June 19, 2014
1. Can be a person or an emotion. It is the action of loving, in a puppylike way. It is often referred to as cuddling.
2. The actual action is when your chihuha puts her neck on your neck.
3. As a name, you would just call them puppy love, usually referring to a dog but can be referred to close friends too.
1. "There was lots of puppylove when the two besties saw each other after the long break."

2. "Bella did puppylove!"

3. "Awww puppylove! Come here and snuggle!"
by Fooliana! October 17, 2008

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