Master of all things in time and space. Creator of the universe, and an avid reader of the Wheel of Time series. Post currently occupied by 2k, master of Water.
On the last day, when the Titans fall and all appears lost, flesh to stone and souls to fire, the mortals shall run to the Puppet Master seeking shelter; and so it shall come to pass that they will find an Oasis on the edge of his blade, as daemons walk the earth.
by 2k November 20, 2005
Jamming your arm up someone's ass (up to the elbow) until you can control their movement.
Don't make me go puppet master on you, bitch.
by stonr July 01, 2004
A verb. A dance move that involves the excessive flailing of another's limbs. When a man "grinds up on a girl" he proceeds to take her arms and move them around much like she is a puppet. The origins of this dance come from when men dance with women of greater proportions, since larger women are often less enthusiastic and lifeless dancers the men will therefore help her, much like a puppet master will do for his/her dolls. Though it happens mostly with big girls it is simply a way of demeaning one's dance partner and therefore can be performed on anyone.
"Damn, do you remember pulling out the Puppet Master last night on that heifer at the bar? She was having none of it."
by Noriega4 November 16, 2009
when a dude is getting a blowjob from a naked chick, he fingers her ass and has her say whatever he wants.
dude: so i was getting blown by this skank, and since she was on the rag, i started to finger her ass. When she took my dick out of her mouth, she goes "yea... i could see us dating."

friend: baaa ha haha... and you thought you were some kind of Puppetmaster!
by P3ski March 20, 2009
1: one helluva album by King Diamond 2: the act of using words and phrases to change the way others think-making them feel guilt or sorry for you...often times trying to manipulate them so one can get one's own way.
"Yeah, yesterday Jeremy was trying to puppet master me again...that ass hole."
by Messsser September 29, 2006
One who masturbates frequently, to the point of being nearly constant. Closely related to the term "playing puppet" which means, "to masturbate".
Nice forearms puppetmaster.
by Tip McMahon January 25, 2006

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