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The taste of anal discharge.

Pronounced: " Poon - teh "

Similarly, punto is the act of eating out ones ass.
"At the punto party, the punte was exquisit"

"There were 3 girls at the punto party, there was a vast variety of punte"

"We collected a jar full of punte at the punto party, Chad Mallette had the honour of drinking it"

"The best looking guy at the punto party usually gets the best tasting punte"
by Chad Mallette November 16, 2007
A female teacher on the Marnix College (The Netherlands) in Ede. She's in her begin 30's and is known for her misspellings and extensive notes. Her profession is Geography.
Ms. Punte said we should learn page 83 until 105 about developing countries, plus the notes.
by Wolf of Darkness August 07, 2003

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