its an attitude standing up for yourself and what you believe in,and having integrity!!

music also comes into it!
sex pistols
stiff little fingers

by ..//...//../. April 14, 2009
Punk: Respecting all beliefs, cultures and traditions. liking punk rock, pop-punk, ska-punk and other punk music styles. having own oppinions that can vary from others and pop culture and knowing when, where at to whom to express them. not stereotyping. not liking punk as a pop-culture(yes, punk has become a "cool" thing). you don't have to be an anarchist and you should only believe in anarchy because you've determined it may be better and not because some dude with a mohawk said its cool. Having your own style(you can have a punk style but only if you like the style not because it's popular). Interest in the world and its problems and being grateful for what you have. not worrying if you only have 3 friends on facebook. not worrying if you don't have facebook. realization that friends and family are the most important. risking social status to do whats right. being a hater(but don't hate everything your parents and oldies say cuz u think ur so rebel like that). being laid back(but still care) and loving life. btw->ppl are born or brought up punk as a child...u can also turn punk...when i was 4 years i thought like true ounks and loved the genre but i had no idea what punk was and thought i just liked "faster-louder rock with less focus on vocals".

Posers: People who like punk cuz its popular, ppl who dont know where canada is(rule only applies to ppl above the age of 10), ppl who love core-punk cuz they think every other punk is poser, people who don't care at all about education and think life sucks. Calling all that love soft pop and rock posers.
Punk1: hey man
Punk2: hey, there's some super-sexed chick at school today
Punk1: whats her name?
Punk2: i dunno.

Poser1: yo, i fuckin hate you! Liz totally hates me now u fucking retard!
poser2: Shut-up! theres a new hot chick in school n e ways.
poser1: Let's do weed just to impress her.
poser2: COOOL! And, u know where Canada is?
poser1: No. I think you're talking about mexico.
poser2: yeah, probably. soooo...where's that?
by lol101lol101 September 19, 2008
weak, submissive person. Mainly used in African American or Latino English. Originally from African American meaning of passive partner in anal sex.
You a punk if you let that guy cut you off like that.
by Wittgenstein1 March 10, 2008
prison term for faggot
theres more punks in this camp than anything else.
by 1juggalo3 February 12, 2007
Punk is a lifestyle, type of music, and in some cases, a type of fashion. But it's more about music and lifestyle. Punk music was pretty much visibly started in NYC in the 1970's by The New York Dolls, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, and the Ramones. It caught on to London, with the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, etc. The lifestyle is often careless, happy, you do whatever you want. These people do not care. If they just wanna punch some random person on the street, they'll do it. Drugs played a big part in punk in the past. Violence is a huge part. Punk pretty much died out when the Ramones broke up for good in the mid 90s. Now the only punk things are the old punk bands. And the few people that still live the lifestyle. It doesn't matter how you dress, much.
(Random girl): OMG! I'm SOOO punk! I have Converse, artificially store-ripped $60 jeans, and a shirt that says something like "God save the Queen" on it or whatever. And I LOVE Good Charlotte and Simple Plan!

(Real punk person): *punches random girl in the face without saying a word*

Punk: The Ramones. The Sex Pistols. Johnny Thunders.
Not punk: Good Charlotte. Simple Plan. Kelly Clarkson. (You can't mosh to Kelly Clarkson!!!)
by Sporky June 20, 2005
(Noun 1) 1. A type of music with lots of yelling fuck and screaming and shit.
(Noun 2) 2. A person who wears a mohawk and a leather jacket with studs. Listens to punk.
(Adjective) 3. The fucking things sold by Hot Topic.
(Adverb 1) 4. Cool.
(Adverb 2) 5. A detestable person who is arrested a lot.
1. What the fuck is on your IPod, punk?
2. I don't need Lindsey! I'm gonna become a TOTAL PUNK!
3. Bob: Dude, I just went to HotTopic!

Me: Fuck off punk buyer.
4. I just kicked a trash can! I am so punk!
5. Fucking John just got arrested again. What a fucking puck!
by Allahan October 21, 2010
to anally rape.
variation on 'punk', to play a practical joke.
I punked your mum.
by J-drizzle May 06, 2010
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