Punk music is great and all, but that depends on yr opinion and stuff... So far as clothes, nobody could ever care less, and if they're the type who DO care so much what others go about wearing, and stereotype, they're not really worth considering, ever. Don't worry about them.

always live.
so long as
there is someone standing up and fighting for what
they believe.
It's a lifestyle. You don't take bullshit.

That's all there really is to it. No matter what you might stand for, if yr standing up strong, not budging and basically being annoyingly difficult to those who oppose you, you can be (at least a bit) punk. Believe it or not, there aren't a CRAPLOAD of peope like that, but they're there.
Actually, mohawks are pretty awesome. I suppose they're some landmark, and y'know, when you think bout it, not many people like 'em. Survive the stares, rude accusitions bout worshipping the devil, even retaliate.... every con that comes with that awesome 'do, keep it (not just for the couple months that it's a trend) and yr punk. Fuck those mohawk-hating moosefucks!
by light rail coyote January 10, 2007
Style of music that died in about 1996 but ask any little 14 yr old and they'll tell you different. Its pretty much a style where the guitarist plays really really fast and the bass player just figures something out to do because it doesnt matter, because you cant hear it anyways. punk fags are known for beating up little kids for their lunch money, and cant pick on anyone their opwn size.
Emo kid: c'mon man stop f*ckin around, get the work done i wanna get outta here.
Punk fag: What are you gonna do you cry in a corner and cut yourself?
Emo kid: well at least im not going to go beat up some little kid for his lunch money, because i can't beat up sombody within eight years of my age.
by mcr/mcr May 18, 2005
lame boring music, people who listen to punk usualy wear crappy clothing and think they look cool
i aint got time for the punk shit, punk
by youngblackmale..... June 12, 2005
Telling people what isn't punk, is punk
Why does she have a mohawk? Why doesn't he listen to crust? What's with the skinhead? NOT PUNK!
by faggotyanne February 05, 2009
A punk is usually someone who sk8boards and listens to really kewl rawk bands like Simple Plan, Newfound Glory, and Hoobastank. I'm a punk because I said shut up to my mom.
"I'm addicted to yoooou!!"
- Simple Plan
by PunkRawkerKid May 12, 2005
similar to a bitch but with qualities of a shit talker,douche bag and rat fuck all rolled into one.
A prag one who takes the whole piece of man meat either in the mouth or in the ass ( metaphoricaly speaking)
Soldier 1: Ssg.B is a fucking punk for pulling all his stupid shit on the troops.
Soldier 2: Yeah i agree he is a real credit to the shit bag
by The Prospect May 03, 2008
look guys im punk stop fussin punk is this punk is that if u relli wanna be a punk
be urself and if any 1 tells u other wise sell them to go fuck a chickin or sommthing else just be hu u r be differernt stand out from the crowd do what u whant wen u want >>>>>>GRRRRRRAAAA<<<<<
just try an stop me
...... oh yeh and ANARCHY !!!!!!
punks cr8ters are sex pistols things like fall out boy are wannabes!!!!
ramones and the clash or what about generation x now that is punk like long an prosper dudes ....NOT LOL
by JAMES GRRRRR August 12, 2006
The music is just tin pot noise with like chunky ass vocals.
Did you hear cryley's punk music? it sounded like tin pot noise with like chunky ass vocals
by Vaskinator April 09, 2008

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