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Used to describe a form of art or the genre of music that portrays the darker aspects of the world, usually with imagery. Also used to describe fans of this genre. Unlike conventional punk and metal, gothic music usually has vocals which flow steadily. Most do not make direct reference to death but rather describe the beauty and elegance of things decaying, twisted and dark. Some gothic bands may make anti-christian themes but the lack of such anti-religious themes do not define goth.
The gargoyle stautes of the ancient Roman cities.

Popular artists and bands of goth music include "the cure" and "evanesence"...
by frost_pick May 21, 2005
A a sub-genre rock music that expresses anger, hate, frustration and at times depression. Also used to describe people who associate with such music.

Note: Not to be confused with emo, which is a splinter genre of punk that describes the above emotions in a more soft approach.
Popular punk bands include: The Ramones and Sum 41
by frost_pick May 21, 2005

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