Top Definition
1. Unfair or inequitable conduct, specifically in gaming.
2. An event or circumstance, most specifically in gaming, that is dependent on fortune.
Gamer One: 'I win!'
Gamer Two: 'That was sheer punda.'
by Mintha July 12, 2009
the female genitils
i would like to pound her punda tonight
by kaffa basher December 14, 2003
The female vulva, specifically the mons venus.
The tiny thong barely covered her punda.
by Dabulamanzi August 17, 2006
South African English slang for attractive female, akin to the English use of crumpet!
Howzit bru, who is the tasty punda I saw you with the other night.
by Nicky Good February 16, 2009
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