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to fart on someone
"hey vinny you should go pounce on that chick over there"- me

"okay *FFFFFFFRR* I pounced and it smelled"-me

you punce
by safaosmfkoasmfaok August 05, 2010
0 16
1.A punce is a dick/pussy licker
2.A bisexual
"Yo punce, fuck off bitch"
"Wow, your a punce?"
by Kavi July 18, 2004
19 36
A mild form of punishment when someone you like does something you don't like, usually accompanied by a light fist tap to the end of the nose repeatedly.
Pauline, if you don't give me the remote, you're gonna get a big punce
by Al Raczkowski March 28, 2004
5 35