when someone does something poorly or something is not good.
1.man that joint is so punce.
2.the cops are coming man thats punce.
3.i hate punce pussy.
by T-Moneyyyyy September 19, 2008
Top Definition
1. punce (noun)
a person who is naturally very poor at something:

2. puncist (noun)
a person who purposefully and deliberately does something poorly, but is actually good at it:

3. puncing
the act of deliberately doing something poorly:
1. "You punce, you'll never be good at singing!" or "He's a punce, he can't do anything well."

2. "British star Les Dawson was an accompished pianist, but had a comedy performance of hitting incorrect notes. He was a puncist"

3. "Johnny was puncing about at playing pool so he could hustle for bigger money"

by MarkW March 29, 2006
Something or someone that is weak.
1) You don't have a sub woofer so your sound system is puncey. This is just something you will have to accept, for now.

2) I made your friend annoyed enough to go home just from calling him/her a punce, I guess I was right.

3) We were moving bricks all day, I was lifting ten at a time but my friend could only manage four at a time, such a punce.
by Blueberry-Muffin April 17, 2010
An mildly offensive word used in conversations to replace such words as 'shit' etc...
"That Mr. Smith teacher, he's a bloody punce!"


"Those blokes outside the resteraunt are punces for looking at us like that!"
by Reuben December 21, 2003
Someone whos acts like a total loser.
Someone that stuffs up everything in the most idiotic way.
It's another word for retard :)
Mum: do you have a boyfriend yet?
Me: shut up punce
by ISF February 05, 2010
1. One who often makes a fool of him/herself in public on purpose.
2. Moron who often wants attention, hence he/she will do something idiotic.
3. Jackass
Joe was such a Punce when he smacked himself with his history book.
by Teamar November 21, 2005
bi-sexual or gay fag (or somebody who looks gay)
god Andre... such a punce
by Tim March 02, 2006

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