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Slang term for what hot Asian girls call their own vagina while talking dirty during sex. Similar to the use of the word "pussy".
Enter big dick in my punami- oh yeah, me love you long time.
by JWR III December 04, 2005
female ejaculation
oh my god i was boning a girl last night and she totally punamied all over me!!
by the jizz man May 02, 2009
girls' orgasm which leaves a sizeable spot on your bedsheets.
I had to change my sheets because my girlfriend had a punami.
by steveo b January 09, 2005
A virtual tidalwave of poon, that frequently occurs when a playa/pimp is 'in the zone'. He can do absolutely no wrong as throngs of women throw their snatch at his face.
Dude: Aye, Craig is a bloody pimp. Look at all thems ladies on hims tip.
Guy: Roight. It's like a fucking punami.
by Wang Newton January 17, 2005
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