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1. a heartless, prideful douchebag.

2. someone who only cares about himself and doesn't cherish the things or people they have in front of them for what they're worth.
Daniel is such a pumpkinbucket, for he knew Monuica liked him but he only used her to copy her homework.
by Minbeezy February 05, 2011
-noun: A medium sized tin or aluminum tin can, often painted like a jack-o'-lantern, used to hold various household items such as, condoms, keys, paperclips, pencils, bottle caps, rubber bands, and coins.

-verb: a sexual act when a man places his scrotum inside of a woman's anus, slowly thrusting in and out. Once this has been performed for no less than five minuets, the man removes his scrotum and places the aforementioned ballsack into the woman's mouth.
-noun: Yo brandon, can you grab my rubbers out of the pumpkin bucket? Sheila is coming over now!

-verb: Last night, when my girlfriend Jane came over, we decided it was time to take it to the next level. I proceeded to pumpkin bucket her, and once finished, I asked her to marry me. She said yes.
by oyeeeeeeeeee April 06, 2011

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