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Pum means a girls Pussy, or it could mean that your a pussy
The galz pum was stinky last night
i love banging tight pum
blad i dare u, ur a pum
by Drive-By August 31, 2006
178 78
it is PUSSY u FOOLS!!
claire asked me 'do u lick pum'? then i slapped her!! an said no
by mystare3 December 29, 2003
374 101
A Pum is normally a term for a womans vagina.
"That girls PUM was so tight last night."
by Jakesterr September 20, 2007
104 52
Is the Vagina. Can be used as an adjective or a noun. Can mean the act of intercourse or simply the private area of a woman. nash
"Hey tommy, her pums stink"

"Yea after the party I got pums from this girl"

"Oh i want want her pums"
by Calio Escobar October 06, 2007
41 18
another word for the vagina, minge, pussy, etc.

Also can be used as an insult when said to a male as an insult to his manhood.
''he looks a right pum''
by ronnyronnyronny November 16, 2007
59 41
Somebody who is not behaving as you would like, or somebody who is acting stupidly (pronounced, poum)
Come here and stop being a pum
your a pum pum head
by ghostie0101 October 20, 2010
9 7
Combined word including poop and cum to make pum.
Beatrice has given an absurd amount of blumpkins in the past, she must really love pum.
by TheBeatrice April 24, 2012
7 7