-Doing something wrong and/or annoying that no one else would do
-Being a douchebag that no one likes
-Thinking you're cool/better than others/funny while you're really not
"God, he's seriously playing with a water bottle hanging from a string? He needs to stop pulling a Jake."
by MaxmanWarfare June 17, 2009
Top Definition
Pulling a Jake is all about context because in different situations it means different things:
1. Referring to Anarchy: refuses to do something of the cultural norm regarding God most commonly

2. Referring to Hitler: Quoting or doing something related to Adolf Hitler
3. Referring to Communism: When one speaks, acts, gestures, or anything else's passionately about the positives of theorized communism
4. Referring to Spider-Man: When one is convinced or is expressing to others how Spider-Man is the best super hero without exceptions.
Ex. 1). Boy 1: Tommy didn't stand for the pledge of Allegiance because he's atheist. that's the way to show equality!
Boy 2: Yeah, it's cool he's like totally pulling a Jake, you know?!
Ex. 2). Girl 1: Samantha actually shared a really good quote from a speech by Hitler and it wasn't even anti-Semitic at all!
Girl 2: wow, that's really pulling a Jake, don't you think?
Ex. 3). Boy 1: Did you see the debate between Steven and Jordon about communism?
Girl 1: Yeah, of course! Steven convinced me that communism is great in theory! Oh, haha, I guess I'm pulling a Jake!
Ex. 4). Teacher: And that is why Batman is the absolute best.
Teacher: Why don't you march down to the office and tell them you were pulling a Jake!
by Seraphina Lindahl May 16, 2014
When you've got a big test or assignment due, but call in sick until you're certain that though at-home study you'll get a good mark. Pulling a Jake also includes telling all your friends that you did bad in a test, only to receive the highest grade possible at a later date.
James: Why isn't Tom at school today?
Bob: I think he's pulling a Jake.
James: Yeah probably, and I bet that when he turns up he'll tell us he that he failed the test.
by AnonGuyILikePie July 01, 2014
when you do any dangerous and/or stupid act that can get you in serious trouble. when you have a moment where you have no common sense.
hey! quit pulling a jake over there and get down from that tree, the branch looks like it's gonna snap on you!
by j-and-j August 31, 2009

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