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pulling a jack: passing out after imbibing or inhaling a small amount of illegal or legal narcotic.
Man, landrith is pulling a jack tonight, i think he pissed himself, and hes passed out.

(jacks passed out in the back of the van snoring)
..troy-"damn, jacks asleep"
..landrith-"yea we should get him home"
..ben-"jack wake up its time for a bong hit"
by Ben Lustig January 29, 2008
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someone (usually a male) who gets very excited over doing things with the opposite sex that others find mundane.
bro 1: were's sam?
bro 2: he's over there cuddling with elizabeth
bro 1: she's so drunk! practically unconscious!

*sam walks up*

sam: guys! guys! i was cuddling with elizabeth! i even put my hand on her ass!
bro 1: *whispers* he's pulling a jack
by chachboyginger November 03, 2010

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