Playing footsie with someone who you did not intend to play footsie with.
"hey dude, how about you stop pulling a cody, thats my foot not hers"
by Tiffany King April 15, 2008
Top Definition
used to refer to the masturbatory(masturbation) habits of a guy.

To beat your meat.

Pet your tiger.

Wagin thy dragon.
OMFG, that kid was PULLING A CODY in math class
by Ashley000000000000000 April 26, 2008
Not responding through social media, text, or any other written form of communication.
"She posted some douchey rant about judgment in society and then ignored all of the intelligent responses."

"Oh, she's pulling a Cody."
by Mcflaggshipptip January 24, 2014
When a boy goes for a good friend's ex, either during a rough patch in their relationship or right after a breakup, and does so with the ill-timed and unlikely intentions of NOT hurting the friend.
C1: So. Talk to me. What's going on?
C2: Well, you see, he's trying to date his best friend's ex-girlfriend. And he doesn't actually think that's gonna cause a problem.
C1: Oh. Fantastic. He's pulling a cody.
C2: Did you really have to put it that way?
by urbanwinchester August 12, 2010
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